2015 / Events, Performances

IQALUIT RIVER — for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, double bass and percussion; premiere performance by Derek Charke, Micah Heilbrunn, Karl Stobbe, Elise Lavallée, Leana Rutt, Meredith Johnson and Victoria Sparks, conducted by Julian Pellicano; in the GroundSwell New Music Series, at the Winnipeg Art Gallery; December 16, 2015.

QUINTET FOR ZHENG AND STRING QUARTET — premiere performance by Geling Ziang and the VICO String Quartet; in the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra Series, at Pyatt Hall, Vancouver; November 14, 2015. Here from youtube, courtesy of VICO, is a recording of the performance.

SPIRAL — for two violas; recorded by Folie à Deux (Nick Revel and Nora Krohn); New York, NY; July, 2015



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