PERFORMANCES, 2016: Winter and Spring: North Wind for chromatic dizi and orchestra (excerpt); given by Xiao-Nan Wang and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, cond. Julian Pellicano; in the WSO’s Adventures in Music Series, at the Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg, and the Western Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall, Brandon, Manitoba.

PERFORMANCE, 2016: April 23: Blue Ocean for clarinet, button accordion, cello and piano; given by James Campbell, Jim Hiscott, Leanne Zacharias and Alexander Tselyakov, Brandon University Clarinet Festival; at the Lorne Watson Recital Hall , Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba.

PREMIERE, 2015: Dec. 16: Iqaluit River for flute (C + bass), clarinet, violin, viola, cello, bass and percussion. Performance in GroundSwell “Arctic Dreams” concert by Derek Charke, Micah Heilbrunn, Karl Stobbe, Elise Lavallée, Leana Rutt, Meredith Johnson, and Victoria Sparks, cond. Julian Pellicano. At the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg.

PREMIERE, 2015: Nov. 14: Quintet for Zheng and String Quartet; performance by Geling Jiang and the the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra string quartet; at “Jubilant Red”, a Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra concert, Pyatt Hall, Vancouver.

RECORDING, 2015: July: Spiral for two violas recorded by Folie à DeuxNick Revel and Nora Krohn– in New York, NY.

PERFORMANCE, 2014: Dec. 14: Spiral for two violas, given by viola duo Folie à Deux at Word Up, New York, NY.

PERFORMANCE, 2014: Dec. 6: Spiral for two violas, given by viola duo Folie à DeuxNick Revel and Nora Krohn– at The Shed Space, Brooklyn, New York.

PERFORMANCE, 2014: Nov. 12: Shadow Play for flute and tabla, given by Jack Chen and commissioner Shawn Mativetsky at the Scotia Festival’s Chamber Player Series in Halifax.

CD RELEASE, 2014: Quatrain for two flutes, on “Canadian Flute Duos”, a recording of Canadian works by flutists Jennifer Brimson Cooper and Amy Hamilton (Independent label).  “Rich tone, extraordinarily precise ensemble playing and lyrical musical phrases highlight this new release…Jim Hiscott’s Quatrain for two flutes is a four-movement work with minimalist qualities, contrapuntal lines and harmonic two-part runs. Especially beautiful is the composer’s use of lengthy held single notes which are reminiscent of his accordion works and performances.” (The Whole Note)

PREMIERE, 2014: 3 March: World premiere of Al Paradiso for violin, bass clarinet and SATB choir; Premiere performance by Karl Stobbe, Lori Freedman and Canzona, conducted by Henry Engbrecht; at Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, Winnipeg.

PERFORMANCE, 2014: 6 March:  Shadow Play for flute and tabla; performance by Josephine Wilkin and Shawn Mativetsky; Powis Hall, Bangor University, Bangor, Wales.

PREMIERE, 2014: 8 January: World premiere of Far Heavens for chromatic dizi and string orchestra; Pfce by Xiao Nan Wang and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, cond. Judith Yan; at Westminster United Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

STREAMS OF MUSIC PERFORMANCES, CANADIAN MUSIC CENTRE WEBSITE, 2009 The Canadian Music Centre, which distributes the music of Jim Hiscott, streams audio of the music of its Associate composers under the title “Centrestreams”. There are 35 works of Jim Hiscott available for auditing at this site under this new program. Here is the best way to access these streams:

1) The url for the CMC site is

2) Go to this site, then click on “Find Music” in the bar near the top;

3) in the page that pops up, enter “Hiscott” in the box marked “composer” and press “Search”. This will open up a complete listing of works by Jim Hiscott in the CMC library.

4) Centrestreams audio streaming samples are denoted by a blue speaker in the media column; click on one of these, and you can listen to the work in question, often with an introduction from a CBC Radio host. To access these you are required to sign in and get a password, all of which is free.



PERFORMANCE, 2013: 15 December: Performance by Clara Shandler of Swirl for solo cello; Backstage Lounge, 1585 Johnston St., Vancouver, B.C.

PREMIERE, 2013: 16 May: World premiere of Caña for alto sax, button accordion, violin, viola, cello, timbales, bongos, congas, piano and double bass, performed by the Papa Mambo Band led by Rodrigo Muñoz; Mary Lawton, Elise Lavallée and Emma Quackenbush, strings; and Jim Hiscott, button accordion; at Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall, the University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

PREMIERE, 2013: 29 January: World premiere of Cantu for orchestra, performed by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, cond. Alexander Mickelthwate; in the WSO New Music Festival, at the Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

PERFORMANCES, 2012: 24 June: Performance of The Sun and the Moon for flute and cello by Laura Vanek and Marina Hasselberg of NOVO Ensemble. NOVO Ensemble concert, Silk Purse Performing Arts Centre, West Vancouver, B.C.   Repeat performances by NOVO Ensemble at the CMC and Alliance Française, Vancouver, on Oct. 18 & 19, 2012.

PREMIERE, 2012: 10 and 11 March: Premiere of Pater Noster for SATB Choir, by Camerata Nova, cond. Mel Braun. At l’Eglise du Precieux Sang, St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

PREMIERE, 2012: 31 January: Premiere of After Sorrow for string trio, by Karl Stobbe, violin, Elise Lavallée, viola, and Emma Quackenbush, cello. In the WSO New Music Festival, in a WSO/GroundSwell/WAG Event at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

PERFORMANCE, 2011: 17 June: Performance by Minna Rose Chung of Swirl for solo cello. In the International Cello Festival of Canada; at Convocation Hall, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

PERFORMANCE, 2011: 2 May: Performance of Spiral for two violas. Performers: Daniel Scholz and Michael Scholz; in the Prairie Scene Festival, National Arts Centre Fourth Stage, Ottawa.

PERFORMANCE, 2011: 12 February: Performance of Shadow Play for flute and tabla. Performers: Jamie Wagner and Shawn Mativetsky; Assumption University Chapel, Windsor, Ontario, at the Windsor Canadian Music Festival.

PERFORMANCE, 2011: 28 January: Performance of Tangle for oboe, double bass and percussion. Performers: Bede Hanley, Meredith Johnson and Ben Reimer; at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Happening concert Kick-Off for the WSO New Music Festival.